We participated in Battery Tech Expo

After having participated as an exhibitor at Battery Tech Expo, we would like to take this opportunity to talk about the solutions offered by Fisair for the Lithium Batteries sector.

This type of battery requires very precise environmental conditions to preserve the qualities of the materials used. It is important to offer professional and highly efficient solutions to improve processes and productivity.

Lithium compounds are highly hygroscopic and react with moisture in the air, producing hydrogen, lithium hydroxide and heat. This will negatively affect the quality, performance and durability of a lithium battery.

At Fisair, we have desiccant dehumidifiers capable of achieving dew points from -40 to -70°C, with high operability and minimum energy consumption.

With our innovative dual heat recovery system, we can reduce energy use, maximising drying capacity while maintaining the ability to introduce fresh air into dry rooms for pressurisation.

We would like to thank all the visitors who attended our stand and we remain at your disposal both in the UK and in our other subsidiaries.

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