Industrial multinationals began to discover the huge benefits of air humidity control in their industrial processes during the nineteen sixties. A large number of companies increased the quality and efficiency of production processes by controlling the ambient humidity of the air. Quality demands for the processes of these companies made these installations a challenge. Each stage was critical: design, supply and maintenance of the humidity control systems and units; the air humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The founders of the Spanish parent group of Fisair learnt their trade through a combination of technical acumen and a flexible approach to each very different application.

Years later, sanitation and conventional building HVAC sector technicians came to realise the importance of controlling humidity for air quality and its effects on humans spending many hours in buildings. That is when large companies in the HVAC sector with no previous experience controlling air humidity, contacted Fisair in order to jointly develop integrated solutions in their air-handling units.

The founders of the company were the brothers Juan and Rafael Boeta, alongside a leading specialist in the field, Pedro R. Ramos. Their entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and creativity are an example for everyone in the multidisciplinary team of professionals making up the company today.

Fisair turned a need with a limited reach into an important value other industrial sectors the world over would go on to adopt. Fisair currently works on all five continents through a highly professional network of partners. The company has an economic structure and provisions capable of taking its historical legacy and values to the next level.