Humidity Control in Laboratories and Clean Rooms

In many industries, specific parts of the production process are carried out in clean rooms that have a specialized air conditioning system to convert them into dhu dry rooms. In these companies, legal requirements make it imperative that dhu dry rooms constantly regulate air humidity for processes such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical research, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and nanotechnology.

To ensure consistent, comparable, and functional results, those working in laboratories and clean rooms require stable and controllable atmospheric conditions. Temperature and relative humidity play a vitally important role, as they influence the viscosity and ease of use of materials, as well as the speed of chemical reactions. These climatic conditions also prevent the proliferation of bacteria and other biological contaminants.

Likewise, in a production clean room it is vital to maintain performance and minimize waste. Even minimal variations in humidity levels can cause coatings to dry too quickly, errors in printing applications to occur, and static to form, causing packaging problems.

These types of rooms have very low tolerances in humidity levels, therefore Fisair manufactures equipment that is different from most typical moisture control equipment used in commercial or residential buildings.

This equipment is normally used around the clock, so for such intensive use, Fisair developed a system that adapts to the building, causing the lowest possible impact on energy consumption.

A comfortable environment of 40-60% relative humidity is ideal for people working in laboratories and clean rooms, as it increases productivity and significantly reduces employee health-related absences.

Advantages of Humidity Control in Laboratories and Clean Rooms with Fisair Equipment

    1. Protects against dangerous electrostatic discharge.
    2. Ensures comparability of results in the face of legal requirements.
    3. Quality assurance and a lower risk of contamination.
    4. Custom study to achieve the lowest energy consumption and operating costs.
    5. Creates a healthy and enjoyable work environment for staff.
    6. Easy-to-operate systems and a global service network to ensure maintenance and professional support.

Application References

Some outstanding references:

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