Humidity control in cold storage

Humidity control in cold storage is of particular importance. High humidity levels in installations, especially during summer, can cause interruptions in production processes, which can turn in result in delays and economic losses.

Preservation of food by air humidity control in cold storage is vital. Foods are hygroscopic materials and their properties vary significantly with the humidity of the air around them, not just with temperature.

Fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and other foodstuffs are stored at low temperatures to enable their logistics within the cold chain and for cheese ripening processes. For these processes a correct humidity control in cold storage is necessary.

FISAIR DF air dehumidifiers significantly reduce the formation of ice and cyclical need for defrosting, thereby ensuring smooth and high-speed running all year round. Dehumidifiers eliminate humidity before it can accumulate as ice in the equipment. FISAIR units use state-of-art desiccant technology for it.

deshumidificador de aire DFRIGOAdvantages:

  • Lower operating costs.
  • Improved quality of products.
  • No interruptions in the processes.
  • Improved safety at work.

Design principles:

  • Elimination of humidity at source.
  • Maintenance of low dew points preventing the formation of ice.

Humidifiers are also important for the air humidity control in cold storage, which prevents product losses, premature deterioration during different processes and during storage.

Isothermal self-producer steam humidifiers by submerged electrodes | FisairHEF4 evaporative cooler | Fisair
The systems that provide steam to the environment must be of quality and be designed for hygienic operation, reliable and easy to maintain, install and regulate depending on the relative humidity of the air in these refrigerated spaces.

For this type of applications FISAIR offers a wide range of isothermal humidifiers and contact media evaporative humidifiers.

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