Humidity Control in the Brewing Industry

Water is constantly used in the various production processes in the brewing industry.

Temperature fluctuations are a production feature that can lead to problems with moisture and condensation.

Pneumatic storage and transport of raw materials is also a potential problem. Maintaining low humidity in production processes is critical to improving quality in a clean, aseptic environment with controlled humidity and temperature.

Dehumidifier Equipment for Transport in the Brewing Industry

In the case of mechanical transport, the installation of dehumidification equipment is:

  • Prevents the product from clumping
  • Improves the flow during transport
  • Prevents product sticking to the channels and saves labor costs for their cleaning
  • Prevents production downtime
  • Ensures correct dosing in automatic processes

Humidity Control for Storage in the Brewing Industry

Raw materials are stored in silos and hoppers: seeds, sugar, additives and hops are all organic materials that can decompose and clump if exposed to moisture.

When storing intermediate or finished products, the absence of moisture during processing and packaging results in less contamination and growth of bacteria, mould and fungi.

Automatic dew point control below the beer tank temperature in the process areas prevents condensation and possible mould growth and dries the rooms quickly after regular washing.

Fisair Dehumidifiers for Beer Production

Most beer production operations take place in cellars or basements that maintain a temperature close to freezing.

With FISAIR dehumidifiers, dry air is continuously obtained that maintains the cellars in ideal temperature and humidity conditions, even achieving dew points of up to -25ºC, thus avoiding condensation in the form of ice..

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