Case study: chamber of frozen food

Industry: frozen and deep-frozen / Seafood products

Location: Spain

Problem: ice formation on freezer doors

Product group: dehumidifiers DFRIGO / DFRA

Ice build-up on doors, evaporators and storage areas is one of the most significant challenges for companies operating cold storage rooms.

The company was experiencing ice build-up on some of the doors of its freezer rooms, as well as in the technical corridor where motors and compressors are housed.

To counteract the problem of ice on the doors, DFRIGO dehumidifiers were installed to generate a curtain of dry air over the doors. A DFRA series unit was also installed in the technical corridor, reducing the dew point of the air in the corridor and thus preventing ice build-up.

The customer is pleased with the solution implemented, as it has effectively eradicated the serious problems associated with icing.

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