Interview with Marta Boeta on International Women’s Day

In the framework of International Women’s Day, we at Fisair are proud to honour the women who are part of our team. On this special occasion, we would like to turn our attention to an outstanding leader: Marta Boeta.

  • How long have you been working for the company?

I will shortly be 31 years working for the family group.

  • Could you give us a brief overview of your professional career?

I started young and inexperienced, learning the most basic administrative tasks in the bakery and pastry ingredients factory we had in the Cobo Calleja industrial estate. Luckily, my surname did not make it easy for me to start in a position of responsibility, giving me the opportunity to carry out functions that my team would later do.

I worked my way up until, due to circumstances, I had to replace the general manager of Boaya Alimentación. My advantage was my experience in the knowledge of different positions, as well as my dedication to this company that I love so much.

In 2013, faced with strong international competition, we had to close that business, and I went on to collaborate in the accounting and human resources department, both in Boaya and in Tecniseco.

In 2015-16 I moved closer to the air conditioning factory whose building I saw being built on the Aimayr industrial estate. Since then, my goal has been to have good professionals who are happy to be members of the Fisair family.

  • How would you describe the evolution of Fisair’s business?

It has been spectacular. Thanks to the team and the driving force behind Fisair, the visionaries, Juan Boeta father and son, we have gone from being a mechanical workshop to a large factory, with exports worldwide and subsidiaries in various parts of the world to be able to cover any part of the world.

  • How would you describe the recruitment and talent development strategy at Fisair, especially in terms of gender diversity and inclusion?

I am proud to see that we have the best specialists in each of the positions. We are relying on a pool of valuable alumni who bring us their freshness and different point of view.
It is gratifying to see that former employees want to return to Fisair.
And, as a woman, I am always attentive to promoting equality and respect among colleagues.

As a member of the Board of Directors, the Management Committee and Director of the people department of the Fisair Group, I seek real equality, setting an example, with empathy and dedication, as a working mother.

  • On a personal level, what are your favourite activities to enjoy in your free time?

As for my hobbies, I really enjoy travelling. I think it helps us to open our minds and gain a better understanding of other cultures.

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