Dehumidifiers for Ammunition

For most armed forces, the ammunition that they require will vary in size from 0.22-caliber bullets to GPS-guided missiles and contain explosive charges somewhere in the design. It is essential that ammunition is kept dry if explosive propellants, and charges are to function effectively. Ammonium nitrate, gunpowder, solid fuel, etc. are extremely sensitive to moisture and will become completely ineffective if stored in uncontrolled conditions. Ammonium nitrate naturally becomes explosive in high humidity conditions. The correct storage of ammunition is a vital security consideration in defense operations.

Humidity Control in Ammunition Magazines

Humidity has a significant influence on the preservation of ammunition and its components, so ammunition bunkers must be kept dry and their relative humidity must not exceed 70%.

Humidity Control in Missile and Rocket Magazines

Missile and rocket bunkers must be watertight; the relative humidity inside should not exceed 50%. They usually have a humidity indicator, so if 50%RH is reached, the colour changes, and the moisture control system must act quickly.

Humidity Control in Pyrotechnic Device Magazines

Humidity deteriorates the electrical and electronic elements of proximity fuses, as well as pyrotechnics, calcium phosphide lights for guiding them, and Holmes lights, which can even be activated with moisture. Therefore, these bunkers should remain at low humidity.

Application References

Some outstanding references:

  • The French Army – Fusco Base  

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